CITY ART MEDIACreativity and growth

Artistic production

  • Commercial advertisements production: We produce graphic commercial advertisements and motion graphics, starting from preparation, writing, execution, photography and modification.
    • Informative advertisement as to be
      • Motion Graphics: Introductory advertisement based on the method of displaying information about the company, its beginning, its story and its services.
      • Picture advertisement 1: An introductory advertisement for the company that includes the company's services with pictures from the company itself or from paid sites. These advertisements include who the company is, its goals and location, the directors and the actors in it, and finally an invitation to contact it.
      • Graphic Advertising 2: This type of propaganda also includes the real scenes, but it is peppered with a lot of animation and motion graphics, which gives an atmosphere to the work and gives it a more practical character.

These works can be played with accompanying music and script or with voiceover on demand.

  • Advertising of products and services
  • Motion Graphics: This advertisement focuses on the characteristics of the product by displaying extensive information about it and the services that can be facilitated by the user. This type of advertisement is preferred for promoting technical products such as applications.
  • Image advertising: Image product advertisements. These focus on polishing the product, its uses, and its benefits in various ways. This type of advertisement focuses on visual dazzling and often takes on a fast pattern.
  • Photography
  • Photography: We provide services for photographing products, people, weddings, events and public events.
  • The service includes the following
  • Taking a certain number of photos to be agreed upon
  • Modify a certain number of photos


    • Customer receives high quality files
  • Video shooting: The service includes filming products such as food and beverages, clothes, perfumes, and other products. The service is an extension of the advertising photography service and includes writing content, filming and preparing videos for display in the required display platforms
  • TV program production:

We provide program production service by providing a staff specialized in directing, photography, sound, lighting and montage to produce the best possible quality.

Production of video clips:

We provide a video clip production service which includes the following

        • Writing a video script
        • Shooting a video
        • Edit the video
        • Artistic direction
        • Export in various formats