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What is the difference between a motion graphic video and a motion infographic video?

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  • Motion graphics is an animation that contains images that are collected using a montage and adjustment program to be output at the end in the form of a video that has some audio and visual effects added.
  • While the motion infographic or (video graph) is considered an art of art that aims to deliver any information through pictures, writing, or specific symbols, and often it is statistical infographic designs or a group of information that we want to communicate to the recipient in an easy and simple way, and the motion infographic It depends on moving these designs, so instead of being static as a single image, it is a short video that displays a set of information on a topic.
  • Motion Infographic or (Video Graph) focuses on a specific topic and provides information about it in the form of pictures. Often the infographic is a single long image that lists the information in a simple way and distinctive graphics.