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Types of video in the field of marketing

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The visual identity of logos, videos, pictures, papers, and publications is one of the most helpful factors for the success of any advertising campaign for any company or product, and it guarantees success for you and your campaign with a large percentage, as many products were bought thanks to a professional video about it that succeeded in moving the feelings of individuals and explaining the nature of the product.

Design and graphic companies design professional videos using quality programs to finally produce a high-quality video, and of course, it achieves the main goal, which is to educate people and form an idea about the product. When designing a professional video, the following is in mind.

Choose the appropriate words and formulas, and then record the sounds in a professional way to suit the moving images with a professional montage.

 Here we will talk about the many types of videos, including:


1-   The promotional video or the so-called promo:


The promotional video is considered one of the videos that aim to achieve commercial marketing results and goals for the company and the product. The promotional video is included in the marketing campaigns on social media and Google, and the goal is to publicize the company or product.


2-   Motion Graphic Video:


Motion graphic video is a video that uses motion graphics, designing and moving it in a certain way to express a specific idea, product, or service, then choosing a speech format that matches the animated graphics in the video and recording sounds inside a motion graphic video. Usually, it has two goals, an educational goal, and a goal. Advertising, either commercial or marketing.


3-   Animation video:


It is about moving visual elements or parts of these elements within deliberate time frames, which are characterized by accuracy and detail.

This type is used in creating animations and cartoon characters, and this type is used to explain any product accurately.


4-   Video Slide Show, or as it is called, the demo video:


It is a set of images and videos synchronized with music and texts to explain any advertising material.

5-   Graphic Video:

Graff video is one of the videos that combine live visual elements with visual effects that present a large amount of information to the viewers.


6-   Video montage:

The montage video is one of the simple videos that consists of cutting and merging the material (video + photos) and adding transitions and texts in conjunction with the graphic music without interference.